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We design iconic products, transforming uncertainty into opportunity.

We are a boutique design studio of product experts, with a unique ability to bring new understanding and perspective to our client’s problems.

Creating icons is at the heart of Alquemy’s philosophy.

We create innovative product solutions that seek to evoke a powerful emotional response and improve the everyday.

We lead our clients through a proven product development framework, designed to achieve business objectives and deliver value by creating meaningful and differentiated products.

Founders - Phil Rose and David Knott

We believe the foundation to Alquemy’s success is the unique approach adopted by Australian designers. This foundation has resulted in a unique and highly specialized skillset, ensuring that every product is executed to an extremely high level and that the design intent is maintained throughout the entire process.

Our founders Phil Rose and David Knott are both proud Australian designers, with a shared passion and philosophy toward high-end design, as well as the journey required to create iconic and tangible products and experiences.

In a small and highly competitive industry, The Australian design culture is one that harbors uniquely holistic design doers and thinkers. As an Australian industrial designer, you must build a depth of knowledge, and breadth of process to successfully navigate a product from conception to a tangible outcome.


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